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Why do you need home insurance?

Fires and accidents are unpredictable, and home insurance will help to protect furniture and other personal belongings inside your home. Everyone needs protection against liability for an accident that can damage or injure other people, but before buying a home, be aware of the coverages that the mortgage companies and builders recommend for that property; you are not required to purchase insurance from them directly.

Dwelling : Value of the house, not market price. Insurance companies base the cost of your home with a their own computer systems. Depending on the cost of the dwelling, the amount of coverage that is necessary is what you as a customer buys. The contents and personal property will affect the price of the insurance as well.

Other Structures : this covers not attached your house like walls, fences, green-houses


We are able to offer a variety of insurance products, whether you have previous claims or just looking for new carriers.

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